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Frequently Asked Questions

Have a look through the FAQs to see if we can help....
** there is a tab for 'paddleboard lessons' and a separate set of FAQS for Renting in Evesham and the Dragons

  • How do I book my SUP session ?
    After looking through the options on the website SUP page, book here:
  • What if it is raining ? or the weather is bad?
    We very seldom cancel because of the weather. Rain doesn't really effect a paddleboard lesson, we just gear up in wetsuits and go for it ! The wind can be more of an issue, and sometimes the river is on flood. Both of these are hard to predict more than a day or 2 before the event. If there is an issue with wind or river levels, we will contact you to let you know and liaise with you to reschedule. Full booking conditions can be found here
  • Do I need to book my paddleboarding session in advance
    YES - all our paddleboarding sessions are booked and paid for in advance. They book up early to work out the best date by emailing Kim and get booked on !!!
  • Where is the Pershore centre? directions
    We are based at the Pershore Riverside Centre. This is not open to the public, so please don't just turn up, you will have an email with all the details for your session. WR10 1QU Drive down King George's Way, past the leisure Centre (behind Asda). The Riverside Centre is at the end of the road and has its own private, free car park. ARA reception is AROUND THE BACK (please do not use the front door as this is the youth centre) If it is dry (which it usually is), you can drive around the back and park on the grass.
  • Do you hire Stand Up Paddleboards ?
    NO but we do hire Mega-SUPs in Evesham, and if you have had a lesson with us, we can arrange a single SUP hire in Evesham too.
  • Lifejackets/buoyancy aids? do we need to wear one paddleboarding?
    Yes - for all our lessons we use Buoyancy Aids. They are top quality, well fitting and they look and feel great. You do see some some paddleboarders not wearing them, with various justifications, despite all the research and evidence, especially around cold water shock, that shows how buoyancy aids are essential bits of kit that save lives. Like any PPE, you hopefully don't necessarily need them, but anything can happen and when you need them you need them and if you didn't have one on when you needed it...... So we suggest that everyone paddleboarding wears a buoyancy aid, and we all do for the lessons.
  • What do I need to wear and bring for my Paddleboard lesson?
    Trickier question than you may think - and one we will cover loads on your lesson. Wetsuits - if you have one bring it (shorti, or longer suit are all worth bringing). We MAY use wetsuits, but that will depend on the conditions on the day. We have plenty of good quality centre wetsuits. We teach on lovely flat water, in a sheltered area, and always close to the changing rooms and facilities and mostly in the summer. So in our environment, on a warm day, wetsuits are not always the most appropriate (this would be different advise if we were based on the sea). Wetsuits are designed to be wet, and believe it or not, on our flat water, most people don't fall in !! (unless they want to practice getting back on etc) So please bring quick drying sports gear. Polypropylene style rather than cotton, and a windproof/waterproof cagoule type jacket too. For your feet, those little beach shoes are great, as are wetsuit boots, or light weight flat bottomed trainers. It is nice to be barefoot on the boards in the summer, but we always need footwear with us for obvious reasons around a river bank. Bring a towel and a change of clothes for afterwards. The changing rooms are safe and secure and only used by us, and locked when we go on the water. You can leave your car keys safe inside the centre, which is locked while we are on the water. There are toilets and showers.
  • Is there a minimum age?
    For Dragons, or kataknus - there is no minimum age. All children need to be accompanied by an adult All children and teenagers need to wear a buoyancy aid that is provided free of charge. For kayaks or canoes we would recommend upwards of around 6-7 years, when they have the strength needed to control the craft and an ability to be confident in and around the water.
  • Evesham Hire - do we need lifejackets / buoyancy aids ?
    All the Evesham activities are designed to be 'DRY' and as safe as possible. On the Dragons, Buoyancy aids are not needed for Adults. Children and under 18s will need to wear them, and they are available for any adult that might want one too. On Kayaks, Canoes, Katakanus and Mega-SUPs buoyancy aids will be issued to all for use.
  • Do you Hire out Stand Up Paddleboards in Evesham ?
    NO we do not individual paddleboards We do hire out Mega-SUPs. These are safe and easy to paddle, for 1 person, 2 people or even up to 3 people. We can arrange hire of single SUPs to people that have had lessons with us in Pershore. This would need to be booked in advance.
  • Where can we park?
    In the summer, the whole of Crown Meadow, next to Abbey Park, is used for parking. There are also other town car parks, all of which are only a short walk to Abbey Park. There is free parking along Waterside, both roadside and also in a free car park (/// . This is on the opposite side of the river, so you would need to walk over the Workman Bridge top get to us.
  • Do I need a deposit ?
    For 20 minute hires, staying in our area, then no. If you are taking equipment for longer than 20 minutes then YES, we will require you to leave a form of photo ID with us while you are out on the hire.
  • Do I need to book - can I book in advance?
    For the dragons (and boat trips) no need to book - just turn up on the day Our Evesham facebook page will give you day to day information The other paddle craft can also be hired on the day, but it also helps us to know what equipment to get ready, so if you are thinking of coming down to hire a Mega-Sup, kayak, canoe or katakanu, please ping us a quick email, no commitment or payment needed, and we can get it ready for you.
  • Where and When ?
    The boat hire moorings in Abbey Park - Evesham. (what3words = goats.dressings.poodle) postcode WR11 4SL We open weekends May-September and then Thursday - Sunday in school holidays. 11am - 4pm Our base is Neptune - the purpose built 50' widebeam barge, with onboard classroom, kitchen, changing, and full facilities. for Evesham Dragons and Evesham hire, no need to book - just check we are open and come on down. (Pershore paddleboarding is all booked in advance - select the 'paddleboard lessons' tab above for SUP FAQ)
  • Do you take card ?
    Yes - you can pay be Card or Cash
  • Do you do the Trip Boats ?
    We work very closely with Avon Navigation Trust. It is the trust who own, manage and operate the trip boat. ARA help manage the trip boat, and as volunteers for the trust we quite often end up running the trip boat for them too!! So we are happy to help coordinate your questions about the trip boat in partnership with the Avon Navigation Trust. ARA DO operate the charter sessions. If you fancy a river trip for a group of friends then contact Kim and chat through what you have in mind.....
  • It says £5 per person for 20 minutes - can I have it longer?
    The Dragons work well for 20 minutes. Its the right length of time to paddle around the area, but not too long to get tired !! 20 mins a a very cost effective way to have a go on any of the equipment. But yes, if you wanted any of the equipment for longer we can do that for you. email us with what you would like to do, or talk to the staff on the day
  • Can my dog come on with us?
    Yes - Dogs can go on the dragon pedalos Yes - they can also go on the mega-sups No to the canoes and kayaks, as they are plastic and not so comfortable for you or the dogs. Dogs are welcome on the River Trips too, BUT we cant guarantee this, as if there is someone on board who doesn't want dogs near them, this may have to take priority, but I am sure any dog owner will be flexible and understand this.
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