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Specialist delivery of 

Mobile Centre - Events - Archery

Avon River Activities - Mobile 

ARA have several unique products that can be brought to your location, event, party.

These include our unique mobile archery unit, and paddleboarding from other venues.

Project Neptune - Mobile Paddleboard Centre

Working with the Avon Navigation Trust, Bonkers operate the 50' wide beam barge Neptune as a mobile paddleboarding centre.


On board is a kitchen, changing room, shower and a classroom. ARA coordinate the ANT SQUAD youth volunteering programme. Bonkers provide paddleboarding at the areas river festivals using Neptune and she also works well as support boat for river trips..... AWESOME !! 

Moving forwards - ARA will continue to work in partnership with ANT, using Neptune as the perfect mobile satellite HQ to deliver paddleboarding and watersports activities in the centre of Evesham as part of the new Evesham Lock Island project. The plan is to help as many people as possible access the huge benefits the activities provide to peoples health and wellbeing.

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Specialists Mobile Archery

Unique mobile 'armoured' archery tent 

BONKERS have been teaching archery for over 10 years. BUT historically, the space needed for archery is 50m+ behind the nets. This has limited events and locations where archery can be taught. 

BONKERS have designed, purchased and set up a totally unique armoured tent. 

Every surface of the tent is entirely netted - and the back edge has solid triple impregnable net system  to ensure no stray arrows can possibly exit the tent.  

This really does make archery at events 100% safe. By teaching 1 person at a time in a 'Have a Go' style, it also means the instructor is 'hands on' and controlling every arrow. 

BONX have an amazing, professional set of equipment, that is truly unrivalled. (not just the standard bows other providers use)

The Mathews Genesis bows are modern and extremely cool

If you have ever wanted to try a 'real' compound bow, BONKERS have a Kinetic Rave. 

The Re-curve bows include a proper competition bow, and we even have a traditional wooden bow. All bows have their own appropriate arrows. 

*** BONKERS also have crossbows - but the site requirements for these are more strict, so please check with us to confirm your venue is appropriate for crossbows.

This really is a spectacular attraction for any event, corporate group activity, or even a birthday party.  - This is a truly unique and very professional set up - Green arrow optional  ;0) 

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croome SUP

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